Why Your Business Might Need Outside Landlord Services

Leasing out a property takes more than pretty paint and a low rent. You have to know how to take care of your property and your tenant. Providing great service is what will keep your tenant renewing, but you have to take care of your property in order to give the tenant the best service. They appreciate tenant events and building improvements. They also appreciate fast and professional service. You might need third-party landlord services for your assets if you need property management services, background checks, and leasing and marketing. All of the tasks that come with this work takes tons of time and energy. Hire some help if you can.

Property Management Services

Property management services help you take care of your asset. These are a wide range of services from collections, building maintenance and building improvements. A company that can offer good management services has the knowledge and experience to handle any of the unique circumstances that my surface with asset care. Light bulbs need changing, the plumbing needs to be maintained, and the lawn needs to be maintained. All of these services need someone on top of them from an annual to a monthly or as needed basis. You’ll want to place these services in the hands of a company you can trust.

Background Checks

Background checks and other administrative services can take up quite a bit of your time. They can also add a bit of stress while you’re under an occupancy goal. Let a third party analyze your prospective tenant’s credit for you. That’s also takes away the burden of getting access to the confidential records. You need someone who is going to look deeply and help reassure you that you are signing a deal with a solid tenant. If you feel that you need help with some of the day-to-day or time consuming services you should search http://sfofficespaces.com/services/landlord-representation/.

Leasing And Marketing

It takes time to step away from the desk and tour tenants around the property. You can’t really give prospective tenants 100% of your service if you have current tenants with major issues going on. Let someone else handle the selling part. You also need someone to manage what units you have available as they are leased and vacated. A good leasing and marketing team will present your vacant units to the right market and only attract the demographic that fits your needs.


When you’re a property owner it can be tough to manage properties and make the big decisions. Let another capable company deal with the minor details while you continue to find and purchase larger value added properties for your portfolio. Some of the landlord services you might need include management services, background checks, and leasing and marketing. These services don’t seem like much until you get into doing them on a daily basis. All the work it takes to fully manage a property can fill up a fulltime job for a whole asset management team.