Tampa Homestyles: Where Comforts Meets Luxury

With the number of new COVID-19 cases skyrocketing in the US over the past few weeks, it has become an essential safety precaution for family units to consider hunkering down in less densely populated areas. Tampa Homestyles, located in Tampa Bay, Florida, is one of the real estate agencies receiving numerous inquiries from out-of-state homebuyers. Most interested and serious buyer inquiries have been identified to be fleeing such areas as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the broader Northeast coastal communities (spanning Connecticut and Massachusetts).

Tampa Homestyles offers luxury homes for sale that make social distancing and quarantine more tolerable, allowing residents to maintain their usual lifestyles (as much as possible.) Homes in Florida have amazing amenities that New York City residents only dream of: in-home gyms, two-car garages, swimming pools, play rooms, fenced in yards and of course, dedicated office space that allows the occupants to continue their productivity while working from the comfort of their new homes. While Tampa’s lack of population density has often worked against it, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for homes in this region monitored after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year.

Luxurious single-family unit homes are available for sale and market predictions foresee them moving to close quickly. Tampa Homestyles represents luxury buyers and sellers starting at $1 million+ and has restructured its sales process so that it is as virtual as possible and convenient to both their in and out-of-state clientele. The number of people available at a property on sale is also a few to minimize the chances of exposure to its clients. According to Charles Richardson, the regional senior vice president at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, this increase in home sales has been a 9% increase from H1 2019. In comparison, the median home price in the Tampa Bay area has gone up by 3%. Jennifer Zales expressed that customers buying in Tampa Bay were getting more value for their money as you would purchasing a home in South Florida, such as Miami. She equally noted that there was a surge in inquiries from the North East as well.

The Tale of the Most Expensive Spec Home in Tampa

A modern spec home build in the Tampa area was sold in April 2020 at the record-setting price of $6.4 million!

Though they declined to name the buyer, Jennifer Zales, one of the real estate agents working alongside Tampa Homestyles’ Jaime Brown, described the home as “unique and stunning.” According to property records, this property was acquired back in April 2018 for $1.75 million. Built on 7,600 square feet, the beach park home has six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. It has several areas of land that extend out into the bay, opening to magnificent waterfront views with private open water access. This record-breaking sale is a testament to the luxurious homes that define the up and coming surge in Tampa luxury real estate.

Investors, builders, and banks continue to bet heavily on building luxurious homes in this region, even without having readily available buyers, as often, the profits gained are substantial and worth the risk. Markets report the demand for luxury homes is still strong and growing as the pandemic’s resiliency is only increasing the number of serious buyers.